14 julio, 2024
That night, our spirits were nourished during some intense and vibrant eighty minutes. We were given an intimate and enjoyable tour through human feelings that were converted into music.

We have never had the opportunity to attend a Myles Sakon’s live gig until last week. To be honest, it was the first time we listened to the music of the soul singer- songwriter based in England with an analytic purpose. In order to be ready, a large but delightful work was made.

A surf into many websites and articles allowed us to dig deeply into his music, bringing light to our blindness. The award was further pleasant than we expected at first.

Myles grew up as a music lover. In fact, he defines himself as the “lovechild of soul music”.

His innate interest and musical gift made him to go deep into the musical world. His music career started in nightclubs, singing and rapping alongside disc jockeys. After these first steps, he faced his career leading popular bands as Bijoumiyo or Speedometer.

The greatest legends of Soul as Bill Withers, Otis Redding, Al Green and James Brown are Myles’ music roots (he has toured with Martha High who worked with Brown).

His own concept and musical understanding are marked for funk and jazz influences, as is show in his debut EP “Born In Black & White” which is available online on the artist´s website.

The small inside stage on the basement-bar for live music of The Luxe (Spitafield) was perfect for a direct relationship with the public that Myles encouraged during the whole gig.

Around fifty followers, a warming illumination, and a captivating atmosphere contributed to create an unforgettable musical performance. From my point of view, a wonderful experience with a higher value than five pounds, a laughable cheap ticket price if you take into consideration we got Myles’ voice in exchange.

Before the concert, a Dj’s session cheer up the environment with a mix of funk, jazz, blues, afro beats and obviously soul rhythms. With punctuality, not English because that it is a false topic I could write extensive, the quintet showed up in the space designed as stage.

Music is the soul’s language and Myles spoke loud and clear, as only a black voice is able to do it (with the permission of Michael McDonald, Daryl Hall, John Oates and of course Van Morrison).

That night, our spirits were nourished during some intense and vibrant eighty minutes. We were given an intimate and enjoyable tour through human feelings that were converted into music.

The first song, “High On You”, encouraged the fans and was followed by “So Hard To Stop”. In order to calm down his exciting start the next song, “Distant From You” demonstrated that he is able to perform a variety of styles and rhythms. The repertoire contained a mixture of his EP and other famous soul songs, as “Sitting on the dock of the bay” by Otis Redding.

The clear voice joined harmoniously the performance played by four musicians. An open musical dialogue was kept with a continuous switching from frenetic to quiet rhythms.  

The selection of the songs provided opportunities to take a breath for both the band and the followers.

Time passed quickly and when the end was close the interaction between Myles and his fans turned more and more intense.

The psychological barrier between the performers and the audience completely vanished when Miles shared the microphone with some of the fans who dared to shout “mamma” accompanied by the guitar accord.

He still had two more songs before the show ended. During the first one, a remix of “So Hard To Stop” the artist asked acknowledgement for every one of the band members with the words “Put your hands together”. The audience clapped without hesitation. As expected, each musician delighted the fans with a couple of minutes of virtuosity. It was impressive the keyboard solo.

The performance was over and Myles had done his best, as showed the sweaty shirt he was wearing at the end.

After last notes expired, instead of running away, he spent time speaking with some of the people who had been witness of his great performance, asking their opinion about it (and increasing his EP sales at the same time)

Pi&Vi. London

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