18 junio, 2024
Llegan este sábado a la Sala Custom. Pon a prueba tu inglés con esta completa entrevista.

-Hello, it’s a pleasure to welcome you on 8 Pistas. I remember when you were in Seville in 1992. I was 12 years old and it was a concert that marked my adolescence. It is a pleasure for me to meet you again. How do you remember those years of the early 90s?

A. It was incredible we didn’t think we would have a such a strong welcome from the Spanish fans after Taking On The World was released. I will never forget the time we played at EXPO in Seville. I think there was 10,000 fans that night an experience that will live with me forever

-What were your major influences? 

A. We had lots of influences too many to mention. First and foremost we where a band that didn’t comply with the generic rock scene at the time. Of course we had the obvious influences such as Led Zeppelin, AC/DC Aerosmith The Cult etc but we also loved listening to stuff like David Bowie,The Clash, Prince,Madonna, Bob Marley,Kate Bush, Bruce Springsteen, House Of Pain, the list is endless. It’s this combining of influences of such diverse artists that make Gun sound the way we do.

-How has the band evolved from that time until today? There have been many changes in the composition of the group.

A. We’ve been lucky enough to have  enjoyed such a prolonged career. I think that it’s completely normal after 26 years of Gun that there would be musicians that come and go but I feel the line up that we have at the moment is probably the best yet. When we play live there is a feeling of mutual respect within us, maybe because we are older and more mature we understand each other and we all get on so well it feels like a team and that’s exactly how I see Gun, just like a football team, Rakitić Navas Alves Adriano for example leaving Seville, all players, musicians may come and go but there is no one bigger than the club.

-What kind of gigs do you enjoy? Do you enjoy small festivals, perhaps big stadiums?

A. I love all kinds of shows that’s what being in a band is all about. If I had to choose my favourite is to play in small venues when your up close and personal to the fans. It also depends on the audience. That night in Seville Expo felt so personal. Although we played to a huge audience the interaction with us felt like as though it could have been a small venue. Sometimes a large positive crowd can make you feel that way.

-Scotland has given us great bands like you, Texas, Simple Minds… ¿How is the current Scottish music scene? Emerging groups and music are promoted?

A. To be honest there aren’t as many Scottish rock bands that have emerged I have to say. It is a very different world musically to when we first started out. There are obviously a lot of dance/indie acts that are doing well such as Churches & Calvin Harris but sadly there’s not enough talent coming through.

-From where are your best fans?

A. It has to be  between Scottish and Spanish fans. If I had to pick, I think the Spanish fans may just pip our home crowds.

-When you look back at all these years, what are you the most proud of?

A. Again so many great memories . From touring with the Rolling Stones to winning an MTV award. I list the Seville show in my top 10 along with Madrid. Also this year we played in our hometown of Glasgow to a sold out show at the world famous Glasgow Barrowlands . That was special.

– My last question is not such a query but a personal thank-you line. I conserve my first Gun´s Cd (Gallus)since the day after that magical night as a peace of my lifeand I feel excited to see you again next week in my city after such a long time.

Looking forward to it Eva we can’t wait to perform .X


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